Let's Get Together! The Perfect Online Wedding Planning Consultation Customized to Your Wedding Planning Needs for Easy and Stress-Free Wedding Planning (Plus that overwhelming phase right after you get engaged and everyone is asking you all the questions.) And You Are Overwhelmed  With The Task Of Planning Your Wedding.

(So you book a consultation with a wedding planner who can answer all your questions and guide you through your process.)

Wedding Planning Consultation

If you are running into roadblocks along your journey, an online wedding planning consultation with Sarah Lizabeth is just what you need to take the weight off your shoulders. Included is a one-hour wedding planning session. (additional hours may be purchased) Upon booking, you will receive access to the booking calendar where you can book your session in the convenience of your home. Ask Sarah all your questions. Get advice on where you are struggling. Step into the world of wedding planning, and together, plan the wedding of your dreams.

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You're Getting...

  • A One-Hour Online Wedding Planning Meeting with Sarah Lizabeth

Meet Sarah Lizabeth- Wedding Guru

Sarah Lizabeth is a renowned and client centric wedding planner based in Nashville, Tennessee known for her valuable wedding planning process. As the owner of Sarah Lizabeth and the picturesque wedding and event venue, Pinewood Retreat, Sarah has a wealth of experience in creating beautiful, memorable, and custom events. Sarah is the founder and CEO of Give A Wedding, an organization that helps bring wedding dreams to life for those in need and financially supports their partners in the wedding and event industry nationwide. Sarah Lizabeth is the author of "Planning A Wedding For Dummies". Sarah Lizabeth is a highly sought after motivational speaker, sharing her personal journey of balancing a successful over two-decade career and raising a family.  

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